How To Repair Apple Watch- 6 Common Mistakes and Ways to fix them

Apple Watch in the process of use may encounter certain errors which can be completely fixed quickly. The following article will show 6 common errors and How To Repair Apple Watch.

How To Repair Apple Watch- 6 Common Mistakes and Ways to fix them

1. Error cannot connect to iPhone

The error of not connecting to the iPhone when it has just been restarted or turned off airplane mode is one of the common errors on the Apple Watch.

How To Repair Apple Watch

How To Repair Apple Watch? To fix this error, you should restart your iPhone by holding the power button on one side and sliding it to power off. Then, search for the Apple Watch again to connect the two devices together.

2. Low battery life error

Normally, the battery life of the Apple Watch can meet all day long use. However, some products also experience low battery life even if only used for a short time. To deal with this low battery life error, try some of the methods below:

  • Limit notifications: When there is a notification, the screen will light up which initiates the Taptic vibration feedback and the watch will work again. To improve battery life, users should limit notifications from essential apps using the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Turn off heart rate monitoring: Go to the Apple Watch app > Workout > Power Saving Mode > On. This will turn off the heart rate sensor during exercise to help prolong the battery life of the Apple Watch.
  • Restart: Restarting your Apple watch can fix a lot of problems.
  • Turn on Power Reserve mode: If all of the above instructions don’t work, users can press and hold the side button of the watch, swiping from left to right to enable Power Reserve mode to prolong life. battery life.

Alternatively, users can also open the Apple Watch app > General > Usage and scroll down to the bottom to see battery usage and standby time. If there are any apps with the same two results, then the Apple Watch has a problem, and users should delete the faulty app or start from scratch.

3. Error quickly running out of battery

Another error that often appears, even more, common than the low battery error, is the fast battery drain on Apple Watch. When this error occurs, if you check on iPhone, you will find that Apple Watch is the most battery-draining application with equal usage and standby time.

How To Repair Apple Watch

In case you encounter this situation, you should restart both the phone and the watch, then wait for them to reconnect. If that still doesn’t work, users will have to re-pair (repair) Apple Watch with iPhone. If it still doesn’t fix the error, check to see if the WatchOS software on your iPhone and Apple Watch is up to date.

4. Charging error does not enter

The error of not charging is sometimes not caused by hardware, so you can fix it quickly. If you’ve placed your Apple Watch on a charger but it won’t charge, and there’s nothing wrong with the charger or hardware, follow the steps below to How To Repair Apple Watch:

How To Repair Apple Watch

  • Turn off the watch (by pressing and holding the side button when not charging and sliding sideways to power off like an iPhone).
  • Hold down the 2 Digital Crown buttons and the side button at the same time until the apple logo appears.
  • Put the device on the charger and check if there is no power.

If it fails to charge, continue as follows How To Repair Apple Watch:

  • Restart iPhone.
  • Access the Apple Watch app.
  • Apple Watch > General > Reset > erase all content and settings.
  • Wait for the clock to clear all and restart the screen language.
  • Reinstall the clock until app bubbles appear.

5. Slow charging error

If your Apple Watch has a slow charging error, you can apply a few ways below to make the Apple Watch charging process faster.

  • Replace the battery when necessary: ​​Bottled batteries will make the phone run out of battery faster, making it take longer to charge the battery, even if the rechargeable battery does not enter.

The only solution that you can do is to bring your smartwatch to genuine service centers, and reputable stores to replace the new battery.

  • Power off while charging: Turning off the power while charging is a very effective way, this helps you make sure that the power will be fully focused on the battery, avoiding power consumption for applications running in the background or Wifi network, GPS navigation, 3G network, … on your Apple Watch.

If you don’t want to waste time on reboot, you can also switch to airplane mode to help charge the battery faster. In case you have tried the above methods but the charging time is still not improved, it is possible that your watch is having a software error. You should bring the device to a service center or a reputable store for a closer inspection.

6. Error missing message

Missing notifications when using Apple Watch is one of the common errors that can bring certain inconveniences during use. When iPhone (connected to Apple Watch) is turned on, notifications (Facebook, Zalo) will not be displayed on the watch. But when the phone is turned off, these notifications are sent back to the Apple Watch.

If your Apple Watch doesn’t receive notifications when your phone is off, it could be because the watch is locked, “Do Not Disturb” is enabled, or you’ve turned off the feature. “Wrist Detection” (detection on the wrist).

How To Repair Apple Watch

How To Repair Apple Watch:

  • Consider removing the password or tightening the watch band to fit the wrist. In case you forget your password, you’ll need to delete the Apple Watch app on your phone by selecting My Watch > General > Reset > Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings and tapping to confirm.
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb: If the Apple Watch “Do Not Disturb” notification is activated, you will see a moon icon on the watch’s face. Once there, simply turn off this feature by swiping up on the watch face, selecting “Settings” and tapping the crescent moon icon.
  • In case Apple Watch has a missing notification error due to “Wrist Detection” not being activated, you just need to open the My Watch app > General > Wrist Detection to solve the problem.

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