Dell Latitude 5420 – the best Dell laptop for small business

Dell Latitude laptops are distinguished by three qualities: security, dependability, and stability. We would like to introduce to you the Dell Latitude 5420, a high-end best Dell laptop for small business. This laptop has a gorgeous design, a reliable setup, is categorized in the laptop line, is incredibly durable, and is capable of perfectly satisfying all the needs that students or business users need.

Overview about Dell Latitude 5420 

One of the more robust and resilient models in the Latitude line is the Dell Latitude 5420. You will immediately notice the machine’s rigidity due to its magnesium metal frame. One of the few goods that can withstand the durability and resistance tests conducted by the US military, which cover specifications for vibration, humidity, temperature, altitude, dust, etc.

The machine’s top is painted gray, and in the center is the large, chrome-plated Dell logo. The overall picture of a Dell Latitude laptop is still about 3/4 inch, which is fairly impressive with the Dell laptop line but not particularly impressive when compared to other laptops, despite efforts to increase the thickness of the screen. In exchange, the weight is merely 1.4kg, making it simple for you to carry wherever you go.

Why Dell Latitude 5420 is the best Dell laptop for small business?

Outstanding Advantages of Dell Latitude 5420

Dell Latitude 5420 
Dell Latitude 5420 

Powerful performance for office tasks 

Dell Latitude 5420 gives users quite impressive performance thanks to the 11th generation Intel core i5 -1145G7 processor with a base clock speed of 2.60 GHz and a maximum of up to 4.40 GHz while supporting battery saving. at the maximum level, and your operations will also become smoother.

Besides, there is Intel Iris Xe Graphics graphics card, 8GB 3200MHz RAM memory (upgradeable up to 64GB), accompanied by 256GB SSD hard drive (upgradeable up to 2TB). It can be seen that these are too perfect parameters on a professional best Dell laptop for small business.

Soft, smooth keyboard

Let’s check the keyboard with us! Due to the absence of the numpad, the keyboard is quite spacious. A boon for office productivity in general is that the large left Tab, Caps Lock and Shift keys help you work better and easily switch between work tabs.

The keyboard of the Dell Latitude 5420 gives you the ability to accelerate typing fast thanks to the deep key travel, good bounce, minimizing the error of keystrokes and also reducing the noise compared to the HP Elitebook business laptops. Probook. The backlit keyboard with 3 standard brightness modes helps you comfortably work in dimly lit spaces. Large touchpad, enough to use but not too smooth and slippery (small minus point).


The device has a neat design with a 14.0 inch IPS Full HD screen. The screen has a brightness of up to 250 nits, high contrast for the ability to display vivid colors and high sharpness. In particular, you can fold the screen at an angle of 180 degrees to easily share information with the opposite person or use the laptop “anytime, anywhere”. The HD camera is equipped with a switch to turn off the camera to give users complete peace of mind about security.

The Dell Latitude 5420 gives pretty good colors, true images and especially no blur or shading of the image. Checking the brightness of the screen, the machine reaches a brightness of 159 lux, so you will be comfortable using it without worrying about eye strain when exposed to the screen.

Many ports, new and old

Need to link your laptop to several devices? You might choose the Dell Latitude 5420- the best Dell laptop for small business.

Two Thunderbolt 4 ports with Power Delivery and DisplayPort modes offer contemporary connectivity. These adaptable connectors have the ability to power external displays, charge laptops, and connect to a range of USB-C or Thunderbolt devices.

The laptop is charged using one of these ports by the provided charger, but you may also power it using a powered USB-C dock or hub or charge it using a USB-C display.

There are numerous ports available for older devices. Two USB-A 3.2 ports, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, a 3.5mm combination audio connector, and an SD card reader are all present on our test device.

Some models, like the one we used for testing, have a SmartCard reader. (SmartCard is a physical authentication method for IT security used by big enterprises.) In the home office, it is not frequently utilized, and the reader is optional.

Impressive battery life

Impressive battery life
Impressive battery life

The Dell Latitude 5420 is powered by a 63 watt-hour battery. It’s not enormous, but compared to laptops from 2021, it has an above-average battery life. Most high-end and luxurious laptops feature smaller batteries in order to weigh less.

The 4K display or dedicated graphics chip, along with the capacity of the battery, improve portability. Our typical battery drain test, which simulates a web browser with a script, ran for 9 hours and 31 minutes before it was finished.

That surpasses comparable Windows laptops we’ve recently examined including the Razer Book 13 and the Lenovo Yoga 9i. The Dell Latitude 5420 can typically be used for a whole workday when mobile.

But Apple still outperforms it. The MacBook Pro M1, which we just evaluated, had a battery life of up to 14 hours, which is 4.5 hours longer than the Dell Latitude 5420.

Powerful sound

The Latitude 5420’s lackluster sound quality is a drawback. Audio is typically not prioritized in business computers, and Dell makes no claims regarding improved audio.

The Dell Latitude 5420, on the other hand, has a clean, sharp, and slightly bassy tone. They are comparable to a good $50 Bluetooth speaker, in our opinion. Despite not being very powerful, they can outperform the majority of small computers.

A few limitations


Its thickness is 3/4 inch. That may sound slim, but current laptops like the MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 13, and HP Specter 14t are more impressive in this regard.


The trackpad on the Latitude 5420 seems spacious but has an unappealing plastic feel, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. This is not unusual for a business laptop running Windows.

However, this touchpad leaves you feeling a little let down despite a fantastic keyboard setup. An alternative is a portable, external mouse.


The Dell Latitude 5420 seen as the best Dell laptop for small business on a budget of less than 25 million because to its small, light design, ideal configuration, and exceptionally long battery life. equipped with a practical 180-degree screen. This laptop is unquestionably among the best in terms of “value for money” that every office worker should look for in a laptop

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