How to bags under eyes treatment? 2 Ways Treatment

Dark circles that develop immediately below your lower eyelids are known as under-eye bags. These bags, while not exactly fashionable, are usually harmless and are brought on by factors like aging, allergies, and lack of sleep. There are a lot of short-term, long-term, and cosmetic options available if you want to get rid of your under-eye bags. Let’s follow us to find out how to bags under eyes treatment in this post!

What causes bags under the eyes?

There are a number of causes for swollen eyes, including:

  • Consuming a lot of salty meals makes you retain water, which results in edema.
  • Allergies: Congestion and swelling brought on by allergies may occasionally make the puffiness under the eyes worse.
  • Medical issues: Eye swelling can be brought on by medical issues including thyroid issues.
  • Genetics: Having under-eye bags may run in your family as a physical trait.
  • The aging process naturally As you age, your skin and muscles lose their suppleness.
How to bags under eyes treatment?
How to bags under eyes treatment?

Why do under-eye bags develop as you age?

According to Shaun Desai, M.D., a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Center for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, “Natural aging is the most common cause of under-eye bags or puffiness.” “As it ages, skin loses elasticity and begins to droop or wrinkle. The muscles and tissues around the eyes may also deteriorate, giving the appearance of being puffy. Due to this weakening, the fat around the eye protrudes, giving the impression of a bubble.

How to bags under eyes treatment?

Home remedies for swollen eyes

These simple treatments can be useful if you occasionally awaken with puffy lids. They work to lessen the swelling till it goes away on its own over the day.

Cold compresses: By decreasing blood flow, cooling the area reduces swelling and inflammation. Anything cold, such as an ice pack, a bag of frozen vegetables, chilled cucumber slices, or chilled spoons, can be placed over closed eyes for a short period of time.

Hemorrhoid creams: Some people apply topical creams sold over-the-counter to cure hemorrhoids under their eyes. To lessen edema, products components like phenylephrine constrict blood arteries. However, use these items with caution since they might irritate this delicate area. Additionally, you must avoid getting this drug in your eyes.

Caffeine: Caffeine narrows blood vessels since it is a vasoconstrictor. To minimize under-eye puffiness, many cosmetics businesses sell eye treatments containing caffeine. Alternatively, you might try placing cold tea bags of caffeinated black tea over your closed eyes.

How to bags under eyes treatment?
How to bags under eyes treatment?

Choices for treatment of under-eye bags

If you’re sick of having bags under your eyes, these medical procedures can lessen or possibly get rid of them:

Non-surgical alternatives
These non-invasive procedures for under-eye smoothing

  • Filler: This procedure uses a filler ingredient (often hyaluronic acid, a jelly-like substance) to produce a seamless transition between the under-eye area and the cheek. Under local anesthesia, the injection is carried out in a medical professional’s office. Results linger for six to twelve months.
  • Laser resurfacing: This procedure employs a laser to remove the top layers of wrinkling skin around the eyes and to encourage the production of new collagen, which firms the skin. Depending on your skin type and sun exposure, results may endure for years.
  • Chemical peel: By eliminating the superficial top layers, a chemical peel also addresses wrinkled under-eye skin. Old skin cells are removed during an office procedure using a chemical solution, revealing tighter, more radiant skin. Results can last several years, depending on your skin type and sun exposure.

How to Reduce Eye Bags with Right Eating Habits?

Your health is affected by what you consume. This means that choosing healthy foods over unhealthy snacks and fatty foods helps keep your skin smooth and elastic while preserving its color. Increasing your intake of foods that are nutrient-dense and high in the following micronutrients is one of the greatest strategies to reduce eye puffiness.

Collagen-rich: As we age, the tissues and muscles supporting our eyelids may get weaker. Sagging of the skin, including the fat around the eye muscles and eye bags, may result from this. Consume vitamin C-rich citrus fruits like lemons and oranges as well as foods high in amino acids to maintain healthy skin.

Lycopene-rich: A number of fruits and vegetables include anti-oxidants like lycopene, which promote immunity in general and improve eye health. Rich amounts of lycopene aid in the treatment of skin pigmentation, which in turn lessens the development of under-eye bags and dark circles. Vegetables like tomatoes and cabbage are common sources of lycopene, and fruits like papaya and watermelon are also high in this antioxidant.

Rich in vitamin K: Vitamin K works best when it comes to healing wounds and skin damage. Nutritionists suggest an increased intake of foods high in vitamin K because of its therapeutic effects, which include its impact on dark circles under the eyes and reduction of undesirable puffiness around the eyes. Pomegranates, tomatoes, cauliflower, and turnips are just a few examples of fruits and vegetables that are often available sources of vitamin K.

How to Reduce Eye Bags with Right Eating Habits?
How to bags under eyes treatment

Iron-rich diets are always recommended to people who have been diagnosed with anemia. The iron in the blood makes it possible for oxygen to be transported to the blood vessels. In addition to the development of dark circles under the eyes, its lack might result in pale skin. People who are anemic are more susceptible to having puffy eyes or dark circles beneath their eyes.

Less salt: Eating foods with a high salt content might cause fluid retention and eye puffiness. Reduce the salt amount in your food as soon as possible if you feel bloated or have puffiness around your eyes. Avoiding packaged, processed food consumption and increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables each day might help you achieve this.


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