How To Fix iPhone Camera Lens? The Most Useful Solusions

Newer iPhones have incredible cameras that can shoot cinematic videos and take professional-grade photos.

High-quality videos, slow-motion movies, 12-megapixel photos, and stunning panoramas can all be recorded. However, the excellent hardware of these phones is useless if the software that uses it doesn’t work.

If your iPhone shows a dark screen when you try to take a photo, it’s usually a software issue, not a problem with the lens or sensor. How to fix iPhone camera lens? What you can do to improve it is the following.

Why is My iPhone Camera Lens Black?

There are many reasons why the Apple iPhone camera might go black. The most obvious possibility is that it could be obstructed by something, such as a phone case, a sleeve, a tripod, or even your own hand.

Another possible explanation is that the Camera app is glitching for some reason. It might not be loading properly or another iPhone feature is getting in the way of using it. So here are the ways how to fix iPhone camera lens to fix the situations you often encounter with the camera.

How To Fix iPhone Camera Lens?

How To Fix iPhone Camera Lens?
How To Fix iPhone Camera Lens?

Alternate Between The Front And Rear Cameras

When you see your camera is black or out of focus, how to fix iPhone camera lens? The Camera app often resets when switching between forward and rear-facing cameras, bringing the view through the selected lens back into sharp focus.

  • Open the Camera app.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen, tap the camera switcher.
  • Wait a short while.
  • If the camera is currently active, try tapping the camera switcher again.

Restart The Camera App

After switching cameras, if the black screen persists, so how to fix iphone camera lens? you can resolve the issue by closing and reopening the Camera app.

Double-tap the Home button on your iPhone to bring up the App Switcher. Otherwise, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, keep your finger there until the App Switcher appears, then release.

To exit the Camera app, swipe up.

Wait a minute or two.

Launch the Camera app again. Usually, doing this will make it work correctly.

Blur Lenses

Blur Lenses

If you regularly experience blurred lenses and dense dust when using the camera, your lenses may be scratched.

If you do not protect the lens from a hard surface with a silicone case, you risk irreparable damage to the lens.

how to fix iPhone camera lens in this situation? you can check this by gently wiping the lens with a microfiber cloth before retesting your camera.

Don’t automatically assume scratches are the cause if you’re not focused; Lens blur can also be the culprit.

If your phone’s software goes into a cycle of trying to focus but not really zoning out on anything, then lens blur due to poor focus could be the cause.

Your phone will attempt to automatically adjust its focus to a subject while you restart your phone or mount it on a tripod and leave it alone.

Damages Flash

Although smartphone photographers have their own beliefs regarding camera flashes, you still want it to function when you need it, even if you don’t use it frequently.

You need to perform a couple of quick tests even if all the options are turned on and it says your flash should function.

As usual, turn off and on again with the phone.

We’re all guilty of never letting our phones truly go off and rest, instead always plugging them in at 5%.

If that doesn’t work, activate the flashlight mode in your control center.

If that doesn’t light up, you have a hardware problem because the flash bulb’s internal light is genuinely broken.

They’re so small that they’re nestled in place, thus it’s not advisable to open the camera up and check if anything is loose, as I’ve seen advocated on certain sites. They do not just unfasten.

Go to your privacy options and disable the location settings as a last resort to get your flash to function.

The majority of us always keep this on, and for whatever reason that many iPhone users (including myself) are unaware of, disabling location settings will enable the flashlight to function.

If the flashlight functions right now, the flash must also. At this moment, you can reactivate your location services.

Restart Your iPhone

Restart Your iPhone

How to fix iPhone camera lens? Restart your iPhone if restarting the Camera app doesn’t resolve the black screen issue.

  • Hold down the Power key and any Volume key on iPhone X or later until the slider to power off appears. Hold down the Power button until you see the slider to power off on your iPhone 8 Plus and earlier.
  • Right-click and drag the slider.
  • Wait a minute or two.
  • When the Apple logo appears on the screen, continue to hold the Power button.

iPhone Software Update

Update your iOS to the most recent version if none of the fixes mentioned above don’t work.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Press General.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Press the Download and install button if an update is available.

Changes Apps

The built-in camera app occasionally has problems.

How to fix iPhone camera lens? Even for a brief period of time, switching to a different camera app could solve the problem.

If you return to the stock app and the issue persists, it is likely a software issue that can be resolved using one of the other solutions we’ve provided below, or you may need to wait for an iOS update.

If you already have third-party camera software installed on your device but it isn’t functioning, you should download a free camera app (it doesn’t matter which one) and check if that encounters any issues.

It can escape issues or corruption that the other apps could be experiencing because it is new to the device.


There are a lot of problems with an iPhone’s camera, although it’s not as complicated as a full-sized digital camera with a powerful lens. Understanding how to fix these problems can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

Remember that you are covered by your warranty if the problem persists or you can determine that the problem is hardware related only.

A technician team can help if your phone is covered by your carrier’s contract warranty and paid to use it that way.

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