The Best Full-Detailed Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review of 2022

Samsung currently has a lot of expertise in manufacturing truly wireless earphones. With the Galaxy Buds range, the business showed off its design chops early on, but it hasn’t always mastered the details. In our Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review, with its second iteration, the Galaxy Buds+, it immediately recovered, and Samsung has since been honing its appearance, enhancing sound quality, and adding useful functionality. Even the controversial open-wear Galaxy Buds Live variant was squeezed into the schedule. Continue reading our Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review to learn more:

The Best Full-Detailed Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review

1. The Design:

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is largely comparable to the Buds Pro from a year ago, although there are some noticeable differences. First of all, this new model is 15% smaller than the 2021 edition, which makes it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Additionally, Samsung included a vent on the inside of each earbud to aid with pressure relief. Of course, their little size allows them to tuck neatly inside your ear, leaving very little protruding from your head’s side. Samsung adopted this style for their earbuds early on, and successive iterations have maintained the design’s pleasingly slim profile.

Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review

The Galaxy Buds Pro had a glossy covering, but the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro feature a soft-touch matte finish. I like the former since it feels better in my hands and doesn’t attract fingerprints. It doesn’t inherently provide additional grip, though, and neither surface had an effect on the touch controls. The Buds 2 Pro charging case that comes with them has the same matte surface and is thus pleasing to the touch. Like the Buds Pro, this variant is IPX7 certified, allowing you to immerse the earphones for up to 30 minutes in up to three feet of “fresh water,” in accordance with Samsung.

2. The Feature:

The Galaxy Wearable app for Android devices provides access to all of the functions and settings for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, much as they did for earlier Samsung earbuds. Unfortunately, by not providing an iOS version, the manufacturer is maintaining consistency with current models. Samsung’s buds were once a fantastic choice for both operating systems because of one, but that hasn’t been the case for a long. Although you may still use the earphones with Apple products, you will miss out on some of its more desirable features.

You can see the remaining battery life for the earphones and the case right up top in the app. You may access the noise controls from the main screen as well, where you can see check whether the mode is on (ANC, off, or ambient sound), and if necessary, adjust it using the software. There are toggle switches for Voice Detect, 360 audio, touch controls, and detecting misplaced earphones just below. Samsung’s new Voice Detect function detects when you talk and automatically turns on ambient sound while reducing the audio level for brief chats.

Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review

The tool will return to normal levels ten seconds after you stop talking by default, but you may change that duration to five or fifteen seconds. Voice Detect performed admirably in my tests, and it doesn’t appear to be as susceptible to being fooled by coughs as Sony’s version of the technology is. It not only continues to function with a Samsung or Android handset but also while I’m linked to my MacBook Pro. However, I like how Sony uses its Speak-to-Chat tool to completely pause the audio rather than just lowering the volume. So even though Samsung’s imitation of Sony’s feature is practical, despite having more accurate speech recognition, it isn’t as enjoyable to use.

3. The Sound Quality:

I’ve never been really pleased with the sound quality of Samsung earbuds. They’ve varied from adequate to decent, but never outstanding. Well, the firm has finally impressed this Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review. The Buds 2 Pro provides a rich, open sound that is full of nuances and clarity and packs a lot of bottom power. The low-end has depth and delicacy as well, not simply a lot of thunderous boom.

Many earbuds provide well-balanced audio with robust bass. The minor differences that might be challenging for something so little to duplicate are typically what set the excellent apart from the good. Samsung does this by combining a 5.3mm tweeter for the treble and a 10mm woofer for the bottom end. This configuration allows for exceptional clarity and depth across a variety of genres, keeping music rich and immersive rather than compressed and jumbled. For instance, Amanda Shires’ vocals on her most recent album, Take It Like A Man, appear to soar above every song.

Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review

According to our Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review, 24-bit/48kHz Hi-Fi sound processing is a significant contributor to improved audio quality. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can receive 256 times more sound data thanks to Samsung’s new Seamless Codec (SSC). In the previous version, audio that was 24-bit was reduced to 16-bit before it reached the earphones. It was verified that 24-bit/48kHz was actually coming from the Galaxy S21 FE 5G by swiping over to the Android developer settings. I already tested the Buds 2 Pro, but the bitrate is not mentioned. That figure would represent the general level of excellence.

4. The Battery Life

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s ANC feature would extend the listening duration to up to five hours. Unfortunately, it is still on the lower end of new earbuds today and is unchanged from the prior generation. For the charging case, you’ll receive an additional 18 hours, or if you turn off noise canceling, you’ll get up to eight hours more with a total of 21 hours. These numbers matched perfectly in my testing.

If you have one of those accessories, you can use it instead of a cable because the case is compatible with wireless charging accessories. The Buds 2 Pro doesn’t seem to refuel particularly quickly over brief periods of time, and Samsung makes no mention of any quick charging features.


Our article about Samsung Earbuds Pro 2 Review has already remarked – more than once – that a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds are its finest yet. That’s because the business, whether it’s the normal Buds or the Buds Pro, keeps enhancing its formula with every new release. And now I have to say it once more. The Buds 2 Pro significantly outperforms the Buds 2021 Pro in terms of audio quality, noise cancellation, and the addition of a number of new features.


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