3 Best Ways To Clean Laptop Keyboard

Many people think that cleaning laptop keyboards is quite complicated and requires many stages. However, this can be done at home with simple steps. Let’s follow the article 3 Best Ways To Clean Laptop Keyboard to know more.

Why should laptop keyboards be cleaned?

As we all know, a laptop is an electronic device with high mobility and is used in many places from offices, cafes, and schools, … But in big cities, the amount of dirt is in the air. The atmosphere is also very much.

Therefore, the laptop that we use every day will get dirty and dust very quickly. In addition, the laptop must be operated in an ideal and stable temperature environment (such as an air-conditioned room) to maximize performance and durability.

Moreover, many of you have a habit of using the computer while eating and this may cause food crumbs to fall and stay inside the laptop. Therefore, our laptop at this time will very easy to accumulate and close dirt inside and outside the machine.


Combined with the dust factor above, when our laptop is operating with high frequency for 6 months or more, dust will accumulate on the motherboard and cooling fan, reducing the cooling capacity for laptops.

After a period of use, your keyboard can get dusty or stuffed with debris, so it needs to be treated for deep cleaning with a combination of cleaning methods.

Cleaning the keyboard helps to ensure that it is clean and maintains the life of the keyboard, keeping the sensitivity of the keyboard always good. This is also the first information that the 3 Best Ways To Clean Laptop Keyboard sends to you.

3 Best Ways To Clean Laptop Keyboard

For laptop keyboard

Step 1: Power off the computer

Turning off the machine before cleaning is extremely necessary because if you do not turn off the machine when cleaning, it is possible that water will enter the circuit of the machine and cause a fire.

Step 2: You need a laptop keyboard cleaning kit, which you can find at repair shops or laptop accessories.

Step 3: Clean the keyboard

Turn the laptop upside down and gently shake the dust to get rid of the dust on the keyboard, then use a brush and keyboard balloon to blow and sweep away the dust remaining under the keyboard.

Next, wet the cleaning cloth with water of the laptop cleaning kit, then gently wipe the keyboard to remove all that is still dirty on the keyboard. In addition, you can also buy a vacuum cleaner for the keyboard.

The price of this product is also more expensive than the cleaning kit, but the utility is far superior. Finally, dry the keyboard to avoid residual water that can cause moisture to the microchip below the keyboard.

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For the detachable keyboard

Step 1: First, start by unplugging the keyboard from your computer. Then, raise the keyboard, flip it so the keys are facing down. Gently pat the back to remove dust and dirt.

Step 2: Wipe away the dirt

Use a cleaning kit like a nylon cleaning brush to sweep away dirt or a household substitute, like a toothbrush.

Step 3: Use a keyboard blower

Use an airless spray with a small tube attached to the keyboard to blow dirt away from the keyboard. It is best to do this outdoors to avoid the surrounding objects being affected.


Step 4: Use cleaning gel to remove dirt on the keyboard completely

An effective yet effective way to clean your computer keyboard is to invest in a cleaning gel or gum. This gelatin binder sucks up any crumbs or dirt it touches. As soon as the gel is dirty, you need to replace it with a new one for effective cleaning.

Step 5: Disassemble and wash the keys

If you have a mechanical keyboard with a detachable keyboard you can easily clean it. Before you remove any keycaps, be sure to take a picture of the keyboard so you know where to reattach it.

You can clean your keyboards by soaking them in a container of soapy water. Scrub the keyboard with a small brush or rag after soaking. Then set them out to dry completely.

When should a laptop be cleaned?

You need to clean the keyboard of your laptop if you notice the device has the following signs:

– Laptop runs slow, often crashes and freezes.
– The machine works very hot, especially the keyboard area.
– The keyboard is stuck, not responding when pressed.
– Laptop suddenly power off and restart automatically.
– The radiator fan is very noisy but does not blow out the air at the heat outlet.

The above are just some of the noticeable signs and I advise you to pay more attention to your laptop. If possible, clean your laptop every 6 months and this habit will really be very effective.

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What is the effect of cleaning the laptop keyboard?

Cleaning the laptop not only helps our laptop work more stably, but it also brings a lot of other benefits specifically as follows:

– Extend the life of the laptop.
– Minimize damage to internal components.
– Limit causing chain reactions affecting other parts of the computer.
– Increase device performance and heat dissipation.

Maintaining the habit of cleaning laptop keyboards is sometimes not easy, but if you do it regularly, it will ensure your laptop is clean and works better.

Hopefully the article 3 Best Ways To Clean Laptop Keyboard will provide useful information for you.

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